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Domotica  is a neologism contraction of the Latin word "Domus" derives from French "Domotique" in his turn ( house, or meant by Greek "Domos" with the itself one ) and of "Informatique" (data processing). 

The fusion of these two concepts shows the data processing applications that can be put to service of the house and that partially modify the use and the way of living it.

These new applications ask new expertise to the professionals who from always rotate about to the world of the house.

The project, which has  beginning in the November of 22002, focuses his attention on three of them.

Partners involved in the project

Main objectives of the project are:

  • Outline and study three professional figures involved in the sector of the Domotica, evaluating the current expertise and the changes happened until time with the coming of such technology.

  • Evaluate the impact of such changes and redefine training system which are able to conform the old expertise to the new demands of market, in order to support the development of professionals always more specialized in the building of Domotics houses

  • Evaluate according to a “logic for factors of evolution” what will be the work market and the connected training needs of the three figures

Project Results

  • Description and identification of professional figures  to the current state (15-12-2003)

  • Identification of the expertise which will be requests (15-01-04)

  • Elaboration of the material and of the training system (15-07-04)

  • Validation and diffusion (31-11-04)


- State of the project -

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