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Turin transnational meeting

The October, 14-15, 2009 will be held in Turin the third transnational meeting of the project CERTRANS.

Aim of the meeting is the definition of common training standards and building an useful competences evaluation system.




Transnational Device for the Evaluation and Recognition of Competences in Health Transport Sector


The transport services of urgent medical assistance face up to a growing demand:
- More services with best quality
- Coordinated care between the different levels inside health services
- Continuous Learning
- Attention by health institutions

The professional certification systems privilege the traditional ways of learning, compared with other ways to acquire competences. As a consequence, those that have learnt by experience have a “hidden curriculum”

The productive system is particularly interested in productive processes and in competences. They do not rely on certificates due to their theoretical character, not real.

A recognition system should have reliable and valid tools to measure; besides, this information must be credible for the different agents.

An evaluation device should combine quality of the measuring system and credibility.

“CERTRANS” Transnational Association has been constituted to improve the qualification transparency and the quality in continuing training from transnational cooperation, social dialogue and the valorisation of the best practices.
We are willing to transfer and adapt transnationally a certification device for the most relevant competences, associated to the processes that are the most sensitive to changes in the sector of Health Transport, in 24 months. And we also want that these results are validated and verified by end users.



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