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System for the Recognition and Validation of the competences that are the most sensitive to technological changes in the Wood and Furniture sector.


“DYCOWFI: Dynamic Competences in Wood and Furniture Industry” project is born to valorise some products from projects that have been carried out in the frame of Leonardo da Vinci program to give an answer to the following needs: Recognition of other Learning Systems, that is, give value to the competences acquired by the workers in the wood sector by means of other learning ways different from the traditional ones (regulated training), such as not formal and informal learning, such as professional experience and practice. The workers that do not have many of their competences recognised are more vulnerable in the restructuring processes and are less available for mobility.

At present, the wood sector is continuously adapting to the technological changes and to the market globalisation. These transformations involve a challenge for the workers in the sector, who should valorise the knowledge and competences acquired by means of professional experience to avoid getting out of the labour market.

The main objective of this system is the improvement of the qualification transparency, the valorisation of knowledge and competences acquired by means of not formal or informal learning, from transnational cooperation, social dialogue and quality.

In order to that, DYCOWFI: Dynamic Competences in Wood and Furniture Industry has the following specific objectives:

  • Transfer a methodology and product already developed and experienced with the achievement of positive results in Chemitech Leonardo da Vinci Project.
  • Improve the transparency of qualifications from transnational cooperation, social dialogue, quality and valorization of the “best practices”.
  • Adapt a transnational device to certify key competences in the wood sector with the participation of all the agents in the wood sector based on the quality standards, professional qualifications and the best practices.
  • Transfer a device whose credibility lies on the participation of all the agents in the wood sector.


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