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On 14 and 15 December, the last transnational meeting of Project Ecotrama for the promotion of vocational training and the innovation process to encourage competitiveness and enterprise spirit of the small and medium-sized businessmen in the sector of transport of goods by road by means of the adaptation to the electronic commerce needs was held.

Leaded by the Federación Regional de Transportes, Comunicaciones, Transportes y Mar – UGT, and coordinated by Fondo Formación Euskadi, Ecotrama project is financed by the European Commission in the framework of the Second Stage of Leonardo da Vinci Program for Vocational Training and has been developed during 2004-2006 in a coordinated way in Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Romania.

The way done

Since October 2004, the partner organisations of E-COTRAMA project have been researching on the main lacks or training needs the small businessmen and managers of the SMEs in the sector of transport by road regarding the adaptation of their companies to the needs of electronic commerce.

The creation of a tool in CD Rom format, useful for training guiders and advisors as a training tool and consult book and for the small entrepreneurs in the sector to achieve a specialisation in the field of electronic commerce was established as the aim of the project.

During the years the project has been developed, different objectives have been achieved to reach a final product that met, among others, the criteria of quality and transnational value.
All the developed stages constitute key stages, as in them, agreements were reached, intermediate products constituting the base for the following stages were elaborated and the results reached were validated by experts in the partner organisations and by professionals from other organisations with wide experience in this field.

The stages have been:

• First, the determination of the qualification needs in e-commerce. In order to that, the following was carried out: a diagnose to determine the present qualification needs and those that will presumably appear in the short and medium term in the field of electronic commerce in the sector of goods transport by road; and a survey on the impact of new technologies (e-commerce) in the sector. The conclusions were validated by key informants in the different countries taking part.

• Second, and basing on the conclusions reached, the design of a curricular model for the qualification of the sector in electronic commerce and to allow the guiders to have the necessary tools to advise correctly the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the sector of transport of goods by road as well as possible to acquire the necessary competences for an efficacious performance, adapted to the present and future requirements of the sector in the electronic commerce. The training itinerary consists on the following modules:

- Electronic market
- WLAN, UMTS Technologies
- Conditions, rates and fees for transport
- Lorry toll
- Digital tachography

• Third, the validation of this curricular model by means of pilot actions in each of the countries taking part in the project with companies and workers in the sector and with expert workers.

• Last, the design and elaboration of the CD Rom containing the itinerary and the training modules in the languages of the partner countries: Romanian, Czech, Italian, German and Spanish. There is also the English version, as it has been the common language, internally used for the development of the project.

Zaragoza: Presentation of results

Reaching the final stage of the project also means the end of a stage and the start of a new one. The Pilot Project Leonardo da Vinci ends and a new period for the spread and valorisation of the results got starts. It is an opportunity for the companies in the transport sector by road to be able to get trained in the main professional competences to get adapted to the new working ways in the sector in the field of electronic commerce.

With this purpose, on 15 December 2006, a Congress to present the results got was held in UGT Centre Arsenio Jimeno (Zaragoza), addressed to businessmen, people in charge of human resources and / or training, training guiders and advisors and in general, to people interested in the learning processes and in the professional competences referred to electronic field.


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