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To promote a really efficacious exchange among partners and to start an external communication policy we opened a web site at the beginning of the project
(http://www.cri.piemonte.it/progetti/pre-emergencies) .
It consists of both a public area and a restricted area, the latter accessible only by project partners and European Commission


In Pre-Emergencies simulation is a way to visualise a situation in both its positive and critical aspects and intervene (albeit virtually) with solutions.
Simulation is therefore aimed at:
- identifying the procedures that tend to be implemented in each scenario;
- identifying which specific workers enter into action, either consecutively or simultaneously;
- enhancing procedures and protocols currently in effect;
- training and integrating the various emergency units involved


A week for the international project’s field-testing and dissemination of results in Italy.
An international workshop for the test of the model during two field test:

1 simulation of an accident (sudden risk) in the bi-national tunnel of Mont Blanc;
Involved participants: Tunnel manager, Italian and French fire brigade, Bi-national police (Italian - French), Italian national medical service personnel; 

2 simulation of post command situation during a flood emergency.
The event simulated a scenario of hydrogeological risk (increasing risk), located between the Provinces of Alessandria and Asti, with the coordination of Regione Piemonte Civil Protection Department. 
External attendants were from different Italian Red Cross local committees, from Rumanian Red Cross and from several Greek organization in the civil protection field, e.g. Hellenic Red Cross, General Secretariat of Civil Protection of Greece, Hellenic Rescue Team, Prefecture of Evros, Hellenic Amateur Radio Emergency Service of Radio Amateurs Association in Greece.


Additional informations can be found to the Pre - Emergencies internet website



Otherwise, you can directly contact the project's coordinator

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