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 Call – FP7-SEC-2007-1




Magen David Adom

(Israel) - Applicant


Al-Quds Nutrition and Health Research Institute

(Palestinian Administ. Areas)


Ambulance Zorg Nederland



Charles University

(Czech Republic)





Danish Red Cross



Fundacion Rioja Salud






Shield Group Inc.
















identifying the Needs of Medical First Responder in Disasters


Project Objectives

Manmade, as well as natural disasters occur more and more often. The medical response is a initial component of the overall response.
Medical First responders are presented daily with new and more complex challenges while preparing for and responding to those disasters.

The objective of the project is to identify the needs of the first responders in five key areas, and to match those needs with existing knowledge, technology and products.
The end product of the project will be a roadmap, suggested to the Euopean Commission Enterprise General Directorate, pointing out areas where future Research and Developments activities are required.

The 5 Areas are:
1. Training Methodology and Technology
2. The Human Impact of Disasters
3. Law and ethics
4. Personal Protective Equipment
5. Use of Blood Components in Disasters


Description of the work

The work will be achieved through research activities conducted by the partners in charge, followed by workshops and a final report.

The research aim is to map existing Know how and products, as well as lessons learned from real incidents. Then 5 workshops will be conducted. For each subject one workshop will be organised.

During the workshop the results of the research will be presented, and the needs of the first responders will be identified. As a result , a map of needs not covered by current Knowledge and products will emerge.
The final step will be to priotise the different needs identified as requiring further R&D.

The medical first responders will be invited to the workshop, along with experts in the field and representatives from the industries.

This project is unique since it brings together first responders from different realities in Europe,and the middle East (Israelis and Palestinians). This broad view of realities, experiencies and needs, with be further strengthen through the responders and experts who will be invited to partecipate in the workshops (Such as the Austrian Red Cross, Turkish Red Crescent, experts from Sarajevo).

The aim of this broad view is to ensure a real European perspective of the work, followed by a real contribution to achieving the of European goal safer communities.
Since this project involved before in EU funded project, a strong European network will be built , enabling exchange of experience and best practises along with interaction with research institutions, thus focusing researchers on the real needs of the field.


Expected Results

The Direct result of this project will be a report suggesting areas where R&D activities are required, in order to have better response capacities, which result in better prepared European Communities. Besides the direct result, the following results are so expected:

  1. Building a strong network of Medical First Responders, with a Broad view of different realities.
  2. Partnership between First Responders and research institutes, thus focusing future activities more on identified needs. Giving an opportunity to the European Industry to have a real added value by meeting needs emerging from the grass root level.
  3. Involving organisations in Europe that did not participate so far in EU activities, in such project.

In overall view, in this project a real European impact is expected, providing an opportunity to new players to be involved in EU activities, building a strong network, that should result in cooperation between the end users and industry/researchers, and tecnology that will be more driven to meet the needs of the field.





Human impact of disasters


Training methodology and technology



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