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to Reinforce Rescuers' Resilience by Empowering a well-being Dimension


Croce Rossa Italiana – Comitato Regionale del Piemonte

The Croce Rossa Italiana is one of the italian's most important charitable institutions, and public opinion in respect to the Croce Rossa Italiana is positive.
The Croce Rossa Italiana is present throughout Italy. It is structured into 102 provincial committees, 20 regional committees and 432 local committees. Both the provincial and regional committees are managed by a board of directors elected by and from among the members. The Croce Rossa Italiana of Piedmont, the project coordinator, is a branch of Italian national Red Cross (member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies). The Croce Rossa Italiana is comprised of the following components:

- Military corps. Is an auxiliary corps of the Italian Army with the following tasks: evacuation and cure of war sick and wounded, victims of the armed conflicts, development of sanitary and charitable tasks related to civil defense activity
- Voluntary nurses. Is an auxiliary corps of the Italian Army with the following tasks: antiaircraft and anti-gas sanitary defense of the civil populations, aids to the populations in case of epidemics and public calamities, hygienic-sanitary and charitable field actions, the sanitary attendance and the hygienic education in favor of the populations.
- First Aid Voluntaries. Is the biggest component of the movement with the following tasks: ill transport service, first aid, social-assistance activities with specialized crews for the psychological emergency, sanitary education, civil protection, immigration, aid in sea, track, cove and mountain, spread of the humanitarian international rights, national and international emergency tied to calamity and situations of armed conflict in interested countries
- Women's Committee. The main task are: attendance in favor of less well-to-do, of risk categories and all those who is been involved in emergencies of varied kind, spreading of the image and the Principles of the Red Cross by means of own initiatives and the access to the information organs
- Pioneers. They work in hospitals, rest-houses, pediatric units and lend attendance to domicile, the participation to seminaries and national and international juvenile encounter with the organization meeting between groups pertaining to other Societies of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, spread of the fundamental principles of the Red Cross inside of the young layers of the population, work in the Campaign for the protection of the symbol and in the Campaign in favor of the victims of the antipersonnel mines.
- Blood Donors. They are common people that every day face thousand problems and that works in the penumbra in order to achieve one great mission, save people life just donating their blood.
In particular, the mission of the Piedmont Red Cross is to improve the lives of vulnerable people, both nationally and internationally, especially in the fields of relief, health, social care and youth.
The Piedmont Red Cross forms part of the national defense system (military health auxiliary), the national civil defense system and the national health system, particularly with regard to relief activities and blood collection and taking-care of people traumatised by natural or man-made disasters.



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