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to Reinforce Rescuers' Resilience by Empowering a well-being Dimension


Facoltà di Psicologia – Università degli Studi di Torino

The Faculty of Psychology has the goal to promote psychological training. Due to the breadth of thus discipline, many faculties have focalized their interest: our faculty is most interested in Work and Organizational Psychology. The Faculty is linked with the Department of Psychology, created in 1982, from the Institute of General and Applied Psychology of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, established in 1906 by Federico Kiesow (1858-1940), with the help of Fondazione Pellegrini (via Po 18) and the Institute of Experimental and Social Psychology of the Faculty of Educational Science, following the will of Angiola Massucco Costa. Several research teams work in the Department that study specific aspects of this discipline.
At present, the Department has activated the following phDs: Social and Development Psychology with an applied perspective, Psychodynamic of organizational and work relations and behaviors.
The Department lies within a network on centers: Interdepartmental Center for Information Services (CISI), Interdisciplinary Center for Women Research and Study (CIRSDE), Interdepartmental Center for Didactics and Training for Teachers (CIRDA), Center of Cognitive Science.
In recent years, the Faculty participated in several researches:
-welfare and quality of life in the workplace: for three years, a research team supervised by prof. Gian Piero Quaglino studied this subject in collaboration with Telecom Italia;
-since 2006, the Faculty started a three new research, always on the welfare subject, in different contexts (public, private and no profit) with the sponsorship of Fondazione CRT.



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