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to Reinforce Rescuers' Resilience by Empowering a well-being Dimension



Fondo Formacion euskadi s.l.l. (basque training found) is a human capital organization whose mission is the development of people and improvement of organizations. Created by workers in the Basque Country from the late Fondo Promoción de Empleo (Found for Employment Promotion), it has a decentralized network of 8 centres to serve its clients. Nowadays, FFE has about 160 professional workers (21 worker-partners, 30 management and administration professionals, 110 trainers) with different profiles that include from consultancy, training and human resources management, trainers, administration … Activity areas: occupational and continuous vocational training, consultancy and advisory to companies, management by competences, selection and evaluation of human resources, employment training plans, local development projects, professional guidance and advisory and support to learning. FFE has a wide experience as a coordinator of transnational cooperation projects for the research, development and innovation in the improvement of competences: Leonardo II (Automove II, Navaltech, EVA, Diprocu, Matrifor, Automove I, Competences in knowledge society-CKS, TRAINING LINKS for SME, Chemitech, Agora, Ecotrama) Socrates (Tools, Namal, Tools Training, SPPAE) e learning (ELIFO) Equal (EqualCan, Adapt@) Adapt (Metalform).



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