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to Reinforce Rescuers' Resilience by Empowering a well-being Dimension


Stichting Impact, Landelijk kennis & adviescentrum voor psychosociale zorg na rampen

Impact, Dutch knowledge & advice centre for post-disaster psychosocial care is established in 2002 by the Dutch Ministries of Health Welfare and Sports, Defence and Interior Affairs & Kingdom Relations. Impact aims to promote high-quality and effectively organised post-disaster care. Impact’s responsibilities include gathering experience and scientific knowledge and making it available and understandable for diverse target groups and to promote cooperation between interested parties. In less than 4 years Impact has become an organisation with a strong vision on psychosocial care after disasters, a professional international online database with relevant scientific publications, protocols, public information and experts in the field of psychosocial care and has constructed a relevant network on local, European and international level. Organisational structure: Name: Ms. Magda W. Rooze, MA/MBA in Business Administration and Psychology: Director.
Name: Ms. Ariëlle M. de Ruijter, MA in Pedagogical Sciences: Senior Policy Advisor Cure & Care, Impact. Ariëlle serves as an advisor to the field and project leader of several important projects, e.g. Guidelines for local authorities to implement post-disaster spiritual care in their contingency plans and the European project: ‘Citizens and Resilience, the balance between awareness and fear’.
Name: Mrs. Maaike de Vries, PhD in Medicine: Senior Policy Advisor Research and Development, Impact. Maaike is project leader of several important projects, e.g. Guidelines for the local Military Menthal Health Institute and project leader Early Interventions.
Name: Ms. Josée C.M. Netten, MA in Cultural Anthropology: Policy Advisor Culture and Trauma, Impact. Josée has extensive experience with refugees and mental health care in different countries worldwide. She is specialized in cultural sensitive aspects of post-disaster psychosocial care. She has published lessons learned on the subject.
Name: Mrs. Liesbeth C. Smeets, PhD in Psychology: Senior Policy Advisor, Impact. Liesbeth is concentrating on Public Based Interventions for the European project: 'Citizens and Resilience, the balance between awareness and fear'.
Impact is assisted by it's Advisory Board, consisting of 11 members. Seated in the board are a professor of Psychiatry in the University of Amsterdam and President of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS), a professor of Psychotraumatology in the University of Utrecht and a professor of Child and Media in the University of Amsterdam. Organisations represented by their Directors are The National Institute for Public Health and Environment, the Area Health Authorities of Twente, Amsterdam, Zuid-Holland, Zeeland and IJssel-Vecht, the Regional Institute for Mental Welfare of Zwolle, the Department of Individual Care of the Royal Army and the Psychotraumacenter for Children and Youth.



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